Deep Acuity™ is an AI Based Computer Vision Platform
to mine actionable insights from a wide range of visual data sources

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Explore Deep Acuity™ features and learn
how it can power innovative solutions for your business

Deep Acuity™ has been trained on an extensive and complex range of datasets to enable a wide set of solutions across multiple domains


Entity Search

Dig deeper and get fine-grained insights from your data. Be it outdoor or indoor images or video footages - identify & track people, faces, products etc. and utilise the insights in your applications.


Custom Concepts

Enhance or build custom models relevant to your business problem and private datasets. For e.g: identify not just the brand logo, but also whether it appeared on a soda can or an LED billboard or player outfit etc.

Tag And Organise

Tag and Organize

Automatically tag visual content to improve search and discovery. Upgrade the quality of your database through metadata and tagged keyword generation.

Similarity search

Similarity Search

Find and filter data by visual similarity. Moderate user generated content, serve relevant recommendations and filter out inappropriate content.

Deep Shape features

DeepShape is a MixedReality platform leveraging AI and 3D enabling a whole new range of solutions in the areas of fitness, sports coaching and online fashion retail.


Shape Scans

We are democratising the creation of highly realistic 3D human avatars with an affordable and touch free experience, in less than a couple of minutes.


Shape Tracking

Track human shape, poses with either commodity cameras or specialised 3D cameras to obtain highly precise shape metrics to power solutions in multiple domains.

Out of the box solutions to suit your specific needs

Our solutions are designed to save several man hours of effort in training data models from scratch. They can be extended or fine-tuned quickly to match your application specific requirements.


Democratizing sports coaching, by providing affordable, accurate feedback to aspirants using computer vision and deep learning.


Our solution for automated logo detection for monitoring brand visibility in sports broadcasts and social media provides event sponsors fine grained, ROI metrics and enables them to track effectiveness of their ad campaigns.


Using deep learning based 3D mapping of the human shape, our solution helps in getting accurate, touch free, quantitative feedback on various body shape parameters, to track progress in fitness programs.


Our solution addresses the “returned goods” problem through personalised visual recommendations based on consumer body shape and the actual apparel items they are looking for. We also enable virtual product trials by providing deep learning based visualisations, considering the consumer body shape and apparel attributes.


Understand how your intended target Audience is engaging with your product or service in the wild.


Helping in automated moderation of user-generated content and filtering out offensive content, typically referred to as NSFW (Not Safe For Work). This is a great fit for e-commerce sites and other community moderated forums by detecting and flagging suspicious visual content bordering on nudity.

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