Text Analytics solutions using state of the art NLP

We help our customers with rapid implementation of production grade, scalable solutions using the latest NLP techniques.


Advanced NLP solutions custom built for your unique requirements

Our NLP solutions are used by some of the best in the industry to extract insights from multiple unstructured data formats. You can count on our expertise and successful track record. Get in touch with us to start building your AI solution.

Medical NLP

Addressing a $2 billion Medical NLP market, we built a highly accurate, scalable and cost effective NER solution to monitor, mine and classify Adverse drug reactions and codifying them to medical standards.

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Resume Intelligence

Our patent backed candidate prospecting solution greatly reduces the time recruiters spend on reading and sorting resumes. It extracts several insights and matches skills and experience to the job postings automatically.

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Recommendation Engine

We built key components of a Recommendation Engine for the travel industry. It ingests data from multiple social media sources and builds a taste graph to match the most relevant items to the user.

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We work collaboratively by understanding your specific requirements, existing technology stack and by crafting the most optimal solution for your unique business problem.

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